Adoring the brilliance of that captivating blonde, the allure of fiery red, the depth of rich chestnut, or the shimmer of copper highlights in your hair? To ensure the radiant longevity of your chosen shade, Franck Provost’s Color ritual is your go-to solution.

The Challenge with Colored Hair:

The hair coloring process, whether it involves bleaching, highlights, or full coverage, often causes the hair scales to open. This allows pigments to penetrate but also exposes the hair to potential damage. Coupled with environmental factors like pollution, wind, cold, and frequent shampooing, the hair becomes vulnerable. This leads to a fading color and lackluster locks. Maintaining the vibrancy of colored hair amidst these challenges can be daunting.

Franck Provost’s Pro Solution: The Color Care Ritual

Tailored for colored hair, Franck Provost’s Color ritual incorporates the power of vitamin C and neroli extract. While vitamin C acts as a robust shield against damaging free radicals, particularly from pollution and sun exposure, neroli extract delves deep, hydrating and nourishing the strands. Its flavonoid-rich formula ensures that your color remains vibrant for longer.

The Outcome? Expect well-hydrated, fortified hair with enduring color brilliance.

Expert Tips to Flaunt Vibrant Colored Hair:

Pick the Right Products: Invest in sulfate-free shampoos and treatments specifically designed for colored hair. Sulfates, with their strong cleansing properties, can wash away color pigments and dull your shade.

Mind the Water Temperature: Lukewarm water is your best bet when shampooing. It prevents excessive opening of hair scales. Always finish with a cool rinse to seal the benefits of your treatment inside the hair shaft.

Weekly Nourishment: A weekly nourishing mask post-coloring will enhance your hair’s strength and shine. Let it sit to deeply condition your locks. Limit Heat Styling: Minimize the use of hair dryers and heat styling tools which can cause additional strain on colored hair.

Shield Your Strands: Protect your hair from potential color-draining culprits like the sun, chlorine, and wind. Armed with Franck Provost’s trusted solutions and these expert tips, you’re set to enjoy the vibrant allure of your colored hair for weeks on end!